First Responder Courses


The following general position description for the First Responder/ECA is provided as a guide for advising those interested in understanding the qualifications, competencies and tasks required for emergency medical services certification. It is the ultimate responsibility of an employer to define specific job descriptions within each Emergency Medical Services (EMS) entity.

Qualifications :

To qualify for EMS certification or licensure an individual must successfully complete a Texas Department of Health approved course and achieve competency in each of the psychomotor skills. In addition the individual must achieve a passing score on the state written certification or licensure examination.


The ECA must demonstrate competency handling emergencies utilizing all Basic Life Support equipment and skills in accordance with all behavioral objectives in the United States Department of Transportation (DOT)/First Responder curriculum and the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) document entitled "Recognizing and Identifying Hazardous Material," and to include aids for resuscitation, blood pressure by palpation and auscultation, oral suctioning, spinal immobilization, patient assessment and adult, child and infant CPR. Automated external defibrillation is a required skill.


Beaumon,TX. or On-Site


Four(10) Hour Days or Five (8) Hour Days.

*Refreshments provided.

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